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Public Values conducts in-depth research to direct communication and brand strategy for nonprofits, public agencies and socially minded clients. We dig deep to uncover the hidden ideals, beliefs, and attitudes that drive support and inspire action. We pinpoint what audiences care about and our clients use these insights to create winning communication strategies, grow their brands and deliver results.

Our Expertise


Healthcare reform has changed the way insurers and providers do business. Patients are more active than ever in making healthcare decisions, competition is increasing, and traditional models of healthcare delivery are being re-imagined. We help health systems, hospitals, and payers navigate this increasingly complex landscape with patient, physician, and employee insights to improve the patient experience, build physician engagement, and innovate with confidence.

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We deliver insights that transform public opinion and inspire people to engage in sustainable practices. We help environmental agencies identify the motivators and barriers that drive behavior. As a third-party evaluator for state and local environmental campaigns, we discover why campaigns are successful and create a roadmap for maximizing public impact.

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Public Policy

We help government agencies, nonprofits, and advocacy groups understand the needs and wants of their constituents to direct public policy, set funding priorities, and garner support for their causes. Standards are more rigorous in public opinion research. Studies must be sufficiently robust to withstand social, political, or legal challenges. We have extensive experience conducting public opinion research that meets these higher standards.

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We work with local and regional transportation and planning agencies to increase transit ridership, expand rideshare programs, reduce traffic, and increase mobility by providing insights about how and why people travel. We uncover the hidden motivators and barriers behind mode choice, identify public perceptions of local transit brands, and test logo and fleet designs to increase ridership and support.

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We help you to connect and engage the public on important issues by understanding what matters most to people.
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Our Work

Check Before You Burn

South Coast AQMD

Strategy to Increase Riders

Brand refresh

Perceptions on Police & Safety

U.S. Department of Justice

Brand Positioning

Memorial Care Health Systems

Breast Cancer Prevention

L.A. Care Health Plan

Checking Brand Health


HealthCare Partners

Staff, Physician and Patient Research

Message Testing

Billings Clinic Medical Group

Patient and Consumer Research

Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group

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We work for public good. 90% of our clients are nonprofits
and public entities.
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