Real insights from real people.

Focus Groups

Focus group research is at the core of our ability to uncover the hidden values and beliefs that drive behavior. Our formally trained, experienced moderators know how to probe responses to reveal deeper meaning and interpret subtle cues such as intonation, body language, and tone. We listen for repeated words and look for opportunities when participants signal a change in perspective.

Online Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are online focus groups, facilitated by an experienced moderator, that unfold over an extended period of time. Participants log in at their convenience resulting in more time spent and often richer insights. This approach is optimal when anonymity is important or respondents are dispersed geographically.

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews focus on individual perceptions and behaviors, using open-ended questions to facilitate a conversation. This method is particularly useful for addressing sensitive topics and for reaching out to senior executives, elected officials, and other high-ranking professionals.


Laddering is a hierarchical technique for identifying the deep drivers of consumer decision making. The method is derived from means-end theory, which postulates that individual behavior is driven by personal values. We begin by asking respondents to describe the tangible, functional benefits that a product or service provides followed by a series of "why" questions to uncover the underlying core values that truly drive their choices.

Message Testing

We go beyond asking respondents whether or not they "like" a concept to probing to understand their concerns, and what might change their mind. Our approach is specifically designed to elicit candid, honest responses to new concepts, service innovations, and marketing materials.

Cultural Perspectives

Cultural perspectives explores how cultural forces influence individual beliefs and perceptions. Using qualitative tools, we uncover the cultural cues brands communicate through the choice of color, shape, language and other symbols.

Brand and Advertising Tracking

Awareness and attitude surveys help organizations get a clear picture of where they stand in the marketplace. We measure aided and unaided brand awareness, competitor awareness, advertising recall, and customer priorities to identify where the opportunities lie.

Public Opinion Polling

When public agencies and nonprofits need reliable public opinion data to inform strategy and policy they come to us. As members of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and one of the founding members of AAPOR's Transparency Initiative, we adhere to the highest standards for statistical reliability and transparency. Our data can be trusted by decision makers, governing boards, and national media outlets.

Customer Satisfaction

Organizations need to know if their customers are satisfied with the services they provide and, more importantly, how to better meet customer needs. We create customer satisfaction surveys specifically tailored for public and nonprofit clients to help identify gaps in service and inform strategic planning.

Campaign Evaluation

We not only work with our clients during message development to ensure that social marketing campaigns are targeted and effective, we track the impact of those campaigns on public awareness and behavior over time. We have served as a third-party evaluator for numerous state and local agencies and adhere to the highest industry standards for sampling and statistical reliability.

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis and discrete choice modeling are tools for uncovering the brand attributes that matter most to customers. Instead of asking customers what they feel is important and would like to have in an ideal world, we present them with a series of realistic choice scenarios to reveal the trade-offs they would be willing to make.


We create distinct customer segments based on people's priorities, values, and beliefs. Clients use those insights to develop targeted messaging platforms for different audiences that go well beyond simple demographics.

Insight Communities

Insight communities are the fastest growing trend in market research. We partner with the world's leading software companies to create custom, online panels made-up of customers, employees, partners, donors, and other key stakeholders. Insight communities create an ongoing, engaged dialogue between stakeholders and organizations. Test marketing ideas, better understand consumer choices, innovate with confidence, improve the customer experience, and increase employee engagement.

Brand Development

Our comprehensive approach to brand development includes qualitative and quantitative measures of awareness and perceptions among internal and external audiences. Through round-table discussions with executives to customer and employee surveys, we help our clients articulate their most compelling brand story and identify opportunities for growth.